All men have times when they “hit the wall”… We’re here to help you move through it.

The first thing your male counsellor will do is help you clearly identify the issues. Man Alive counsellors are trained and experienced in dealing with men’s issues, so they’ll understand yours.

Next, they’ll help you develop a broader range of options to deal with the issues. As your choices increase, you’ll feel better about yourself and your life. The challenge is for you to ask for support. If you do:

  • your life will improve
  • your relationships will benefit
  • you can become a fully alive man – the goal of Man Alive Men’s Centre

Man Alive counsellors are supervised and committed to ongoing education and training. They abide by a strict code of ethics and practice.

Do you feel tired, unmotivated, down? Do you wonder what the point of your life is? Why you bother carrying on? You are certainly not enjoying the ride. Fact is, you may be DEPRESSED.

Or maybe you’ve got RELATIONSHIP PROBLEMS – it’s hard to communicate with your partner, sex isn’t happening, the distance between you is growing.

If you are recently separated or going through a divorce, you’ll likely experience LONELINESS and the GRIEF of lost dreams. It’s all part of the territory.

Other issues include UNHAPPINESS WITH WORK – you may be overworked, going through redundancy, feel empty or burnt out… Maybe you’re in a rut; lacking self-esteem.

These issues can manifest as ANGER – maybe you’re yelling at your kids and/or partner, you’ve got road rage and life rage.

You’re asking yourself: “Why am I so angry?” But you can’t answer that question because you don’t know.


These quotes from some of our clients are testimony to the work of Man Alive’s dedicated team of counsellors.

“When I lost my job, things got really tough and I hit the wall. My counsellor helped me develop confidence and my self belief, and a job came.” – Mark

“When she walked out, I thought I had lost everything. After counselling I am moving on and just learning to be with my kids. I’m enjoying a new life.” – Sean

“My life sucked, I got angry with the wife and kids, got into the drugs. Now I’ve turned my life around. Yeah, I’ve got a great family.” – Bill

“My relationship was in the shit. I felt I couldn’t communicate with my woman, she seemed to dominate me. Now everything is sweet.” – Johnny