Times past we used to help boys cross the bridge to manhood. Somehow we seem to have lost how to do that. That makes the journey pretty rough.


Man Alive Youth offers a package for the people involved in early male adolescent changes. A youth needs peers and men to assist in the transition. He needs the support and guidance of older men to bring sense and calm to this time.

He needs discipline and reassurance to manage emotionally. Sometimes a youth gets into trouble in this transition. Most problems at this age are initiatory explorations.

  • Angry young man
  • Rebellion and opposition
  • Bad mouth
  • Sadness and silence
  • Isolation and no talk
  • Defiance and deafness
  • Difference and darkness
  • Lost innocence
  • Alcohol and secrets
  • Dirty and untidy
  • Hairy grunt


Growing Men is a twelve week anger management and life skills one-on-one counselling programme. This is designed for male youth up to 17 years of age who are finding it difficult to control anger, aggression or violence.

It aims to help male youth grow and become more self-aware. They will understand the impact of their choices on themselves and others and how to take responsibility for their thoughts, emotions and actions.