Boys Alive is a fun action packed eight week programme for boys in years 4-8 (8-12 years old), who may have a lack of positive male role models, behavioural difficulties, or issues around anger, emotion, relationships, communication, or self-esteem.

The programme involves a weekly 2.5 hour, after school programme, and three activity days (including an overnight experience). Using the group process, relationship skills are built. The learnings from this process link the boys with their own experiences, so they are helped to understand and develop personal responsibility surrounding thoughts, feelings and actions.

Comments from parents / caregivers:

  • “He has taken on board the strategies taught – especially personal responsibility.”
  • “My boy has been a lot better behaved since completing the course.”
  • “He now talks about his anger and is far more affectionate… this has only started since joining Boys Alive.”
  • “The facilitators are very easy to talk to and always available for advice.”
  • “Fantastic programme, it has certainly helped our boy on his journey towards being more positive and less aggressive with conflict.”
  • “He has loved every minuite of Boys Alive.”


If you’re in year 4-8, then Boys Alive is an awesome opportunity to make new friends while playing really fun games.

We will meet for eight Wednesdays after school (for 2.5 hours). With a group of up to another eleven guys your age we will play games, tell jokes, eat great food, and learn how to amaze friends with a couple of magic tricks. While doing all this we will look at how to cope with some of the tricky issues like anger, teasing and bullying.

You will also get three whole days off school!!!!! This will involve an activity day, as well as an over night camp. AWESOME!!!!!


On week four and week eight the parents / caregivers are invited to attend the last part of the session. Week four to play games and have some fun with the boys. Week eight (the last night of the programme) to sit around the Boys Alive bonfire to have an opportunity to hear your boy affirmed by other group participants as well as taking the opportunity to publicly affirm him as well. We will then share food together to mark the end of the Boys Alive experience.


Please contact our youth team at Man Alive 09 835-0509 ext 812. We will organise a time for you and the potential Boys Alive participant to come in and meet us. At this time we will explain the programme more fully and help work out if this programme is right for you.