You know when people you love are scared of you – it shows in their eyes. They do and say things to keep you happy, regardless of whether it’s good for them. You know that.

Sometimes the sense of power feels good but it doesn’t last long. You end up saying ‘sorry’ to your kids and/or partner a lot and looking back over your life with regret. It’d be a miracle if the people who love you manage to hang in. In fact, most of them won’t – not for the long haul.

But it doesn’t have to be this way. 

Man Alive runs life-changing Te Ara Taumata Ora courses that will help you understand why you get angry and how to deal with your feelings before they explode into anger. That way, you’ll feel in control and you wont harm others. You’ll feel good about yourself.


Over ten years, Man Alive has developed a unique approach to non-violence courses. Participants work in a group of up to 16 men with two facilitators, once a week for 2.5 hours. We’ll also arrange one-to-one counselling if it’s needed.

Te Ara Taumata Ora programmes are delivered in culturally appropriate ways. The sessions are run by Maori facilitators. They will not blame, shame or judge men. However, they will be encouraged to take responsibility for their violence and understand there is no excuse for abuse.

Trained facilitators help men create their futures, instead of destroying them, by working with them to:

  • Take responsibility for their actions
  • Learn how to avoid and manage conflict
  • Have positive relationships
  • Create safety strategies in their home
  • Deal with personal issues


Men’s stories are the best testament to the benefit of doing a Man Alive Living Without Violence course:

“My father should be here. I want to do this work now, so that my son never does what I did get here.”

“My kids will never see me bully another women. I hate hearing how my boy is now trying to bully my ex. I am trying to put that right.”

“I was blaming my wife for the violence. I coundn’t make progress until I took responsibility for what I was doing.”

“The guys helped me start a new life. I’m happy for the first time. My new partner trusts me. I recommend it.”